Welcome to Liberty Christian Academy! We are pleased and excited that you are considering Liberty Christian Academy (LCA) for your children. We believe that the unity of family, church, and a Christian school are all needed to biblically educate our children. The school is one of three strands that makes a cord "not easily broken" which is referred to in Ecclesiastes 4:12. As our mission states, we desire to partner with families and churches to produce Godly young people who consistently make the right choices and impact their world for Jesus.

We love children. We are committed to creating a safe, family environment by caring for each child. We are dedicated to individual growth and to personally knowing each one. As educators, we recognize the responsibility we shoulder to offer your child excellence through every school experience. God's Word is the basis for all of our decisions including academics, policies, discipline, and extra-curricular activities. LCA’s core values center on igniting a passion for Jesus Christ in the hearts of our students.

Partner with us to form that strong three-strand cord not easily broken by connecting not only your family and church influences but also the school. Trust God to meet all of your needs and join us as we strive to make Liberty Christian Academy a nurturing, Christ-centered school that glorifies Him and produces students who effectively serve His kingdom locally and around the world.

We share with you the seriousness of educating your child and choosing a Christian school for your children. Therefore, we want to provide you with whatever information and support you need to determine whether Liberty Christian Academy is the right choice for your family. Call us with your questions and to schedule a personal tour of our campus. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Serving Children for Christ, 

Mrs. Beverly Wilgus, Administrator